Sail Turkey with Travel Talk vs. SAILNSTAY: Finding Your Perfect Sail Adventure

Sail Turkey with Travel Talk vs. SAILNSTAY Tours

Finding Your Perfect Adventure

The ultimate comparison for anyone deciding between a Travel Talk or SAILNSTAY tour. Read this BEFORE you book your tour!

When comparing “Travel Talk” and “SAILNSTAY” for sailing in Turkey, several aspects stand out based on the information available from each company’s offerings for their Turkish sailing adventures.

Destinations and Itineraries

Travel Talk provides a detailed itinerary for their sail in Turkey, covering destinations like St. Nicholas Island, Kas, Limanagzi Bay, Smugglers Cove, Demre, Kalkan, Firnaz Bay, and ending in Fethiye. The itinerary includes activities, including optional paragliding and visiting historical sites, ensuring travellers enjoy relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration​.

SAILNSTAY offers several itineraries, including a “Lycian Coast Cruise” for 7 nights, highlighting destinations such as Demre, Kekova, Kas, and returning to Demre. Another option is the “Turquoise Coast Cruise,” also spanning 7 nights, with a route from Kas to Demre, Kekova, and back to Kas, promising a blend of relaxation and adventure along Turkey’s stunning coastline​.

Target Audience and Social Atmosphere

Travel Talk seems to cater to a broad age range, with reviews indicating a mix of guests primarily in their 20s and 30s but also welcoming those in their 40s. The social atmosphere is described as a mix of lively and quiet nights, suggesting a balanced experience suitable for those looking for both relaxation and some nightlife​.

SAILNSTAY positions itself as particularly appealing to young adults, offering an “18-39’s Cruise” with guaranteed departures, focusing on a younger demographic looking for fun and social interaction on their journey​.

Accommodation and Amenities

Both companies operate traditional Turkish Gulets. Travel Talk boasts superior Gulets, emphasizing comfort and a traditional sailing experience. SAILNSTAY also highlights their selection of Gulets, ensuring an unforgettable experience with various boats accommodating groups of 16 to 20 people​.


Travel Talk includes three meals daily in their package, ensuring guests are well-fed throughout their journey with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. SAILNSTAY also likely offers meals as part of the sailing experience.

Tour Guide

Travel Talk prides itself on the expertise of its local guides, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, promising an enriching travel experience with knowledgeable guidance. Information about SAILNSTAY‘s guides was not specified, but customer reviews praise the professionalism and kindness of the crew, suggesting a positive experience with the staff.

Price and Value

Travel Talk offers a detailed breakdown of costs, including discounts for early bookings. Prices vary depending on the season and specific departure dates, with significant discounts making it more affordable.

SAILNSTAY provides price information for different cruises, with a 7-night Lycian Coast Cruise priced at approximately $1,293.60 per week. They also advertise early bird sales with up to 35% off, indicating competitive pricing for early bookings​​.

Financial Protection

SAILNSTAY provides flexible travel dates and a money-back guarantee under the TURSAB Promise, ensuring financial protection for travellers.

Websites & Communication

Travel Talk and SAILNSTAY have informative websites offering detailed itineraries, FAQs, and contact information for prospective travellers​​.

Deals & Discounts

Travel Talk offers savings on early bookings and other discounts on various trips​.
SAILNSTAY promotes early bird sales and discounts up to 35% off for their cruises​.

Local Office in Turkey

SAILNSTAY has a local presence in Turkey, providing travellers with a direct point of contact and support.
Information regarding a Travel Talk local office in Turkey was not specified.

Office in Tour Starting Point

Travel Talk is a global company with various contact points, but specific offices at tour starting points were not detailed​.
SAILNSTAY lists its offices in Antalya, Turkey, and other locations, offering accessible support to travellers.


Travel Talk offers a comprehensive and culturally rich experience suitable for a slightly broader age range, emphasizing the quality of their Gulets, guided tours, and inclusive meals. Their tours seem well-suited for those looking for relaxation, cultural exploration, and adventure.

SAILNSTAY caters especially to young adults seeking a social and adventurous sailing experience along the Turkish Riviera. With a focus on lively cruises and guaranteed departures for the 18-39 age group, it’s ideal for younger travellers looking to meet new people and enjoy the beautiful Turkish coastline.

Both companies provide unique experiences tailored to different preferences, making it essential to consider what aspects of the trip are most important to you when making your choice.