Sail Turkey with Contiki vs. Travel Talk Tours: Finding Your Perfect Adventure

Sail Turkey with Contiki vs. Travel Talk Tours

Finding Your Perfect Adventure

The ultimate comparison for anyone deciding between a Contiki or Travel Talk Tours tour. Read this BEFORE you book your tour!

Contiki and Travel Talk Tours offer unique experiences tailored to different types of travellers when considering a sailing adventure in Turkey. Below is a detailed comparison of what each company provides, helping you decide which might be the best fit for your Turkish voyage.

Destinations and Itineraries

Contiki is well-known for its dynamic and energetic itineraries, catering primarily to young adults (18-35 years old). Their Sail Turkey adventures are designed to mix cultural immersion with leisure, offering visits to historical sites, vibrant towns, and stunning beaches along the Turkish coast. Contiki itineraries are packed with activities, ensuring travellers get the most out of their trip.

Travel Talk Tours:
Travel Talk Tours specializes in providing culturally rich and diverse itineraries that appeal to a slightly broader age range. Their Sail Turkey tours focus on showcasing the country’s natural beauty, ancient history, and the unique culture of the coastal regions. Travel Talk Tours offers more comprehensive itineraries that include significant historical sites and natural wonders, providing a deeper understanding of the places visited.

Target Audience and Social Atmosphere

Contiki’s trips are explicitly aimed at young travellers seeking a fun, social, and adventurous travel experience. The atmosphere on Contiki Tours is vibrant and fast-paced, with a strong emphasis on nightlife, social activities, and making new friends.

Travel Talk Tours:
While Travel Talk Tours also caters to a younger demographic, their audience tends to be a bit more diverse, ranging from young adults to those in their 40s. The social atmosphere is engaging and friendly, balanced with adventure, cultural exploration, and leisure. Travel Talk Tours provides a conducive environment for making new connections but with a slightly more relaxed pace than Contiki.

Accommodation and Amenities

Contiki offers modern and comfortable Gulet accommodations, ensuring a pleasant stay onboard. Their boats have amenities tailored to a younger crowd, focusing on comfort and social spaces where travellers can unwind and socialize.

Travel Talk Tours:
Travel Talk Tours also accommodates traditional gulets, emphasising authenticity and comfort. Their boats are designed to offer a genuine sailing experience, with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable journey. The accommodation is comfortable and well-maintained, with various options for different budgets and preferences.

Price and Value

Contiki’s pricing reflects its target demographic of young travellers, offering competitive rates for their sailing adventures. The price includes accommodation, some meals, and several activities, providing good value for those exploring Turkey in a social, group setting.

Travel Talk Tours:
Travel Talk Tours is known for offering excellent value, with competitive pricing that often includes more inclusions than similar tours. Their packages typically cover accommodation, many meals, and entrance fees to various attractions, making it a cost-effective option for travellers wanting a comprehensive tour experience.


Choosing between Contiki and Travel Talk Tours for your Sail Turkey adventure depends largely on your personal travel style and preferences. Contiki is likely the better choice if you’re a young traveller eager for a high-energy trip filled with nightlife and social activities. However, if you’re interested in a more varied age group and a focus on cultural and historical exploration, along with a balanced mix of adventure and relaxation, Travel Talk Tours would be more suitable. Both companies offer unique ways to experience the beauty and culture of Turkey by sea, ensuring an unforgettable adventure regardless of your choice.