Discover Ephesus
A Panoramic Downloadable Tour

Whether you are planning a trip to Ephesus, 
or just want to learn more... 
"Discover Ephesus - the Guide" may be exactly what you need. 

With  24 stunning panoramic images, 
easy to use maps and plans and 
an easy-to-read historical commentary, 
that can be downloaded immediately, will answer all your questions,
satisfy your quest to know more about Ephesus,
and give you a panoramic tour of this ancient city that you never imagined was possible.

The virtual tour of Discover Ephesus includes

  • The House of Virgin Mary,

  • The famous Basilica of St. John,

  • The romantic ruins of the Temple of Artemis Ephesia - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world,

  • And more, much more...

The detailed yet easy-to-follow section on the history of Ephesus and its attractions will help you to make the most of your visit. Or you can simply enjoy the virtual tour of Ephesus from home - it's the next best thing to being there, as many of the readers have said.

Discover Ephesus - the Guide is unique for many reasons:

1. It has 24 spectacular panoramic images - more will be added as free updates - that will really make you feel like you are actually there. In fact, many of our readers describe the panoramas as ".. better than being there."
We don't agree. 

If you have the chance, you should make every effort to visit Ephesus, but if you cannot - or you have already visited,- then Discover Ephesus - the Guide with the panoramic pictures will make your virtual visit almost as good as being there.

2. It is downloadable. You can get it within minutes and start enjoying the vast information and the beautiful panoramas immediately. You might have bought, or plan to buy, other books, which is fine; there are some great books out there, but Discover Ephesus is the ONLY book that has panoramic pictures and up-to-minute information.

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This downloadable guide of Ephesus REQUIRES:
 and an installed browser as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or above